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Visit the Uplift World from your browser.

Click on the 2D Map to explore the world without logging in to Minecraft.

Visit the Uplift World from Minecraft.

Currently only builders may join. Once visitors are allowed, you can join Uplift.World and its towns. Buy Minecraft Java License

The Uplift World's team knows that you are already thinking about how to make the world even better. Even though there isn't enough time in the day to enage one-on-one at the moment, your intention, ideas and collaborative thoughfulness is so greatly appreciated, that a process was setup to gather your thoughts at this time. Hopefully in the near future, we all will have a chance to discuss these great ideas and support you with the resources you need to manifest your visions. Meanwhile, please feel free to submit your ideas to document them during this historic period.

Land Sale FAQs

What do you need to know about the pre-alpha land sale? Uplift.World community member Anyobservation breaks it down for us.

Watch Anyobservation's FAQ Video on YouTube

mBlu and Family Get a Tour of the Uplift.World

Join with mBlu, Francesca and their kids as the Uplift.World tour team , lead by chief builder and tour designer Greg Smithwick and joined by Corey and Lisa.

The Community Cluster of Pre-Alpha Builders from Decentralized Communities

After the earliest builders of the Uplift.World, communities were invited to have a plof of land in the Community Cluster. Here decentralized communities and communities that valued decentralized concepts gather to build, share, visit and live together in this new world.

Watch the weekly tour of the Community Cluster on the UpLifters YouTube channel.




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