Request a tour of the Uplift World by one of the early builders. This is a rare opportunity that you will always remember.

Tour guides will have specialties and can customize a tour to see the lands of interest to you. Builders can request specialized training on their tour request form. WAX fees and are shared among the tour guide and the Uplift World and Krownlandia sustenance funds. KROWN tips go to the tour guides.

Tour Request Form

Visit the Tour Calendar

Visit Lands

Different lands will have different experiences for you on their lands when you visit. Once open, we'll share them here.

Design and Build

Do you want to manage, design and/or build places in the town of Krownlandia? Soon, you'll be able to call in to the Designers Club and the Builders Club calls to talk about your place ideas and hear of others.

Have a Promotional Video Created

Early builders of the Uplift World offer services to create promotional videos of your land. Watch the Z & S Uplift World Marketing YouTube videos to be inspired.