The Community Cluster of Pre-Alpha Builders from Decentralized Communities

Sponsored by the founders of the Uplift.World, the Community Cluster is a town where decentralized communities can have a presence and cooperate together. Fifty spaces include different communities, many of which include related and sponsored communities. See the latest Community Cluster developments on the weekly show with Corey and Recourier on the UpLifters YouTube channel.



The Community Cluster of Pre-Alpha Builders from Decentralized Communities

After the earliest builders of the Uplift.World, communities were invited to have a plof of land in the Community Cluster. Here decentralized communities and communities that valued decentralized concepts gather to build, share, visit and live together in this new world.

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"At the heart of Boid is the desire to make the benefits of blockchain technology accessible to all people. Boid acts as a gateway, lowering the barrier to entry for non-technical users to directly participate in blockchains and distributed computing projects. Boid has a social network layer, where users can join together in teams and compete on global leaderboards."


"CryptomonKeys is a freely distributed, community-driven, meme-rich digital trading card series on the Wax blockchain, here to disrupt the meme economy. Made in the @banano_official jungle."
Community Cluster Address:-11192,64,9332


"The KROWN DAC and token inspires creativity and engagement through community building and rewards."