Towns and Places

Community Cluster

Sponsored by the founders of the Uplift.World, the Community Cluster is a town where decentralized communities can have a presence and cooperate together. Fifty spaces include different communities, many of which include related and sponsored communities. See the latest Community Cluster developments on the weekly show with Corey and Recourier on the UpLifters YouTube channel.

Chik'in Kaah

The first town built and governed by the first builders of theUplift.World, Chik'in Kaah (said with a chicken-like sound during the Kaah part) has a Mayan theme. Here the first examples of civic participation and engagement will be tested and explored.


Built out of the imaginations of townspeople in the KROWN DAC, Krownlandia is an idealized town where people can create and experiment with places and engagement ideas, while earning rewards when people visit and for fostering meaningful experiences. Builders are available to support place managers and designers getting started. Get setup in a workshop in Krownlandia (and get a house!) and after you find what the community values, take it out into the rest of the world, too. Workshops and houses go away without activity, but with activity can be kept ongoing.